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    This is Fluffy, the original guinea-horse. He was found, dazed and confused after a night mistakenly wandering the notorious Dung Jungle at Nesstown Zoo.
    We believe he is part human because he speaks perfect English, as well as squeaking and whinnying.
    He definitely isn't one of the reputed mutants there, but just who was he?


    Fluffy the guinea-horse
    lumnous ant eating Nesstown Zoo sign
       This specially bred fluorescent ant first appeared in Froxmap discovered by Evelyn Murray.
    They now feature in a huge walk-through display at Nesstown Zoo.

    Our gun-toting gorilla is actually Angus the poacher.
    He is also used as a depiction of a certain world leader.
    Guess who?


    gun-toting gorilla
    Cheshire Cat Sheep
       Charlie, the Cheshire Cat Sheep, was created by taking a Cheshire cat and grafting its head onto a North Wales sheep.
    He eats asparagus tips by preference and regularly has his coat dyed orange as his orange cat genes don't work on wool.



    No-one has ever seen a Nesstown mutant close-up, face to face and lived to the tell the tale.
    Rumours abound, of course, as do descriptions.
    We have no idea whether they look like this or not.


    (picture has mysteriously vanished)
    Nesstown's invisible crocodlie
       One strange creature some people have vaguely seen is the invisible crocodile responsible for almost having our zoo closed down after the Nestown Zoo Tragedy.
    (Explained in the Not For Bedtime collection.)

    Having several farms on its borders, it was inevitable that some poor creatures would get infected by those occasional releases of Dung Jungle miasma.
    Being animals, they did what animals often do and there now is a small Cowus Nesstownii herd.


    Cowus Nestownii
    Fly Agaric - poisonous
       This might look like a couple of toadstools to you, but the Nesstown pixies have converted their old institute into a stylish 6 story condominium with underground car park.
    However you might say there isn't mush room inside.

    Orlando first made his appearance as a youngster at the end of Evelyn Murray's Dagger First.
    That was before the Dung Jungle grew and made his brain and tail increase alarmingly.
    Now Orlando's intelligence is matched only by his propensity to arouse irrational passion in Nesstown Zoo's capricious penguins.

    Orlando the hyper-intelligent aardvark
    King Edward -  a little potty
       King Edward... (of Nesstown)...
    a mash hit with courtiers despite being a little potty. A chip off the old crock, frying high and peeling smug because he's all sautéed out with the girls. In spudder words, he's the creamed of the main crop.

    Evelyn Murray


    Odd as it may seem to anyone who knows nothing of Nesstown Zoo, but this penguin is in disguise - hence the vegetation.
    Ah, but it isn't a real penguin, it's Hugo Hacker, that's why it's fat and has large leather shoes.
    Of course.


    Hugo Hacker, alias bruvver Pauncho
    puzzling penguin
       No not a Great Philosopher Penguin, but the genuine article; Spheniscus capricius nesstownii
    Bewildered, like many in our Zoo; notorious Nesstown Penguin, member of the dreaded 4P.*

    *(see zoo background notes)


    President Thickett heard that albatrosses can stay in the air far longer than his bombers, so he ordered a flight, asking Nesstown Zoo to keep them. Their task- to roam the Atlantic, bombing baddies. The only albatross bomber found was an old war relic which was disguised so Thickett didn't realise. It flies so erratically that people say it has a life of its own.

    Is it a plane- is it a bird?
    TyrannoTadole Rex
       Rex, a tyranno-tadpole, is an unusual Ranidae being five metres long and prefers beer to water. It has a bucket of pickled frogs for breakfast, sun dried algae as a supplement and snacks on stray rodents. It can gnaw through the toughest jungle, which is why keepers have to trim its teeth to stop deforestation.   
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