Nesstown Zoo - Notes and Background
second edition

fierce, strange beasts plotting at Nesstown Zoo    The original zoological and botanic gardens were partially destroyed during the Great Global Event. In fact it turned out to be something of a blessing in disguise as the resulting mountain of warm, fertile material allowed the zoo to expand considerably and the newly forming jungle began to provide a unique and productive habitat - a tropical forest in England (well a tiny corner is actually in Wales, but they've disowned it as culturally un-Welsh.) However time and unnaturally rapid evolution, combined with unknown substances unique to this bit of hillside, transformed the jungle into a most intimidating place. Mutants are rumoured to wander there and stories abound of sinister goings-on and disappearances. It is surrounded by two tall lines of very strong high-security fencing; this not only contains the jungle and keeps the public out, but also magnifies its perceived mysteries. A strange and immensely powerful force is said to exist there.
   The apparent strategic importance of Nesstown Zoo and the incomparable nature of some of its animals and plants, combined with widespread hearsay and undoubted fear of the unique Dung Jungle, have made it a target for numerous attempts to wrest it's darkest secrets for use both in warfare and to dominate the world commercially. However, the two most powerful organisations, magalomaniac Monantos Corporation, and the US military have, so far, failed to get their ways.
   Moreover, it is common knowledge that multi-cultural inter-species interactions at Nesstown Zoo can cause tensions not found anywhere else in the animal kingdom beyond humans. A fine example being the Proletarian Penguin Peoples Party (4P) and its dislike of anything hairy or furry, or intellectual. The 4P are known for both capriciousness and belligerence. It is also the case that there are some higly intellectual residents in the zoo. Despite attempts at mediation these clashes continue to this day and often impinge on local human society.
   Now the UK government have made Nesstown Jungle a SSSI, forbidden to unauthorised visitors, and the United Nations have made the whole zoo's unique and diverse community a World Heritage Site. In doing so effectively they stopped anyone doing anything to improve the situation.

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